Utilizing only the finest organic and grass fed ingredients straight from local suppliers, Macromeals does not only provide your meals and enable you to live a healthy and nutritious lifestyle, it gives you back your time.

Grown from over 15 years of experience as a personal trainer, health coach, and personal chef; a passion for cooking; and a myriad of personal experience, the business that is Macromeals uses your AMR (active metabolic rate) which is derived from your individual BMR (basal metabolic rate) in order to make sure that each of your meals is specific to you, to your desired results, and to what is demanded in your everyday life.

By delivering fresh, delicious, macronutrient specific entrees directly to your door, we are helping you, our customers, improve your health, see fat loss, and increase your performance resulting in a more effective use of your time during the day.

Time is the only commodity we cannot acquire more of, without taking from another area. Allow us to give you more time and enjoy an evolving weekly menu of delicious macronutrient specific foods.


We are proud to be featuring ingredients that are sourced from local farmers.

All of our dishes are made with love and specifically for you.  We do not add anything other than natural ingredients to you food to make sure you get all the health benefits and nutrients from eating food that is good for you.  We are dedicated to helping you stay healthy while you crush your wellness and/or fitness goals.

Our Fun Facts

If you place your order by 2pm Wednesday, we will have your food ready the following week.
The food is SO GOOD! I’m a picky eater, but love this food! Not only is it so good, but it keeps me full throughout the day! Both myself and my husband love all of our meals prepared for us!
I have been on my fitness journey for 6 years now and have been pretty successful in losing 185lbs thus far but the hardest part is nutrition. You have to eat right for your body to get the best results. That is Leftovers come in. I have already seen results in just a short few weeks. Not only is the food delicious, but the owners are loving passionate people who care deeply for others and want nothing more than for you to succeed. They have just made it easier to do for a great price! Try it! You will not be disappointed!
I've been having Jeff prepare my meals for the past two weeks and I have loved every meal. Not only are they healthy, nutritious and macro specific made just for you, they also taste delicious. No more meal prep and measuring food. It's already done for you. I have already lost 2 1/2 pounds in 2 short weeks. Thanks Jeff!
This is the best! Food is different all the time and it's delicious! They're really great at customizing everything to your specific needs and awesome service. Im a terrible cook myself and food prepping is not something I look forward to do each week haha JEFF IS THE MAN!!